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Companies including Scoir, Niche and College Board offer college quizzes for high schoolers, giving them suggestions for universities. These quizzes consider students preferences for size, majors, location, priorities and more to match them with their ideal school.
Making College Decisions? Well, college quizzes may not be the best way to go.
Lilly Coggin, Artist/Reporter • April 25, 2024

College. This single word encompasses all of the worry, excitement and uncertainty about the future for many upper schoolers. Is the answer to everything… a quiz?  College quizzes that aim to match students with a fitting school take data and statistics from colleges themselves, student surveys and other recorded statistics about every school... revisits St. Marys campus and offers plagiarism checks for teachers. The school got rid of this program 10 to 12 years ago, but it has returned.
Deception Detection
Molly Kirshbaum, Reporter • April 24, 2024
On St. Marys Wi-Fi, websites including TikTok, Instagram, and other gaming sites are not accessible. Many students are faced with a screen that reads This site can’t be reached on a daily basis.
The Network’s the Limit
Farah Arshad, Reporter • April 1, 2024
Memphis in motion
Memphis in motion
Wallis Rogin and MC Hitt March 25, 2024
Many students including Lydia Ford, Saniya Young, Ellis Rougeou, Virginia Skipworth and Juliana Rutchman own businesses where they share their talents with the community. They have learned the basics of entrepreneurship and have valuable experience in the business world.
The She.E.Os of SMS
Eve Pai, Reporter • February 8, 2024
Junior Abigail Fernandez wraps herself in her blanket to ward off the cold.
Baby, it's cold inside
MC Hitt, Reporter • November 10, 2023

Winter is coming, temperatures are quickly dropping and the heat has kicked on. But not every room at St. Mary’s is toasty warm, and students...

Mr. Mark Hooper, Director of Security, directs traffic after school helping everyone get home safely. Mr. Hooper was hired this year as the first Director of Security at St. Marys.
St. Mary’s brings armed guards to campus
Averie Howell, Reporter • November 9, 2023

For Albert Throckmorton, St. Mary’s Head of School, it was a change that had been a long time coming.  “Armed guards was probably the...

The Skinny on the Strike
The Skinny on the Strike
Lilly Coggin and Bianca Dishmon November 6, 2023

Director of College Counseling Beverly Brooks prepares for her role coordinating the digital PSAT. Freshman, sophomores and juniors took the digital PSAT for the first time on Oct. 11.
SAT goes digital
Eve Pai and Emily Cole October 13, 2023

It is that time of year again: the leaves are falling, the weather is changing and students are dreading the SAT. But this year, it is a little...

The new Director of Belonging, Ms. Nikki Davis, works in her office. Davis said she is already feeling at home at St. Marys and loving Sages macaroni and cheese.
Meet the New Director of Belonging
Wallis Rogin and Charlotte Hernandez September 28, 2023

Have you lived in the Memphis area your whole life? Yes, I was born in Memphis. So I've lived here all my life, except for when I went away...

St. Marys Upper School spends time outside during their chapel time. There are options to walk the track, lay on the field or play in a game.
Outdoor chapel provides a much-needed break
Ella Curlin, Editor • May 10, 2023

On the last Monday of March, hundreds of students gathered on the track field for the first outdoor chapel of the semester. Taking place on a...

Beale Street Music Festival is an annual music festival in Memphis  . This year the lineup features many artists including The Lumineers, Earth, Wind, & Fire and Greta Van Fleet.
Music Fest 2023 generates mixed expectations
Molly Kirshbaum, Reporter • May 3, 2023

Ever since the first Memphis in May in 1977, Beale Street Music Festival has been an annual event cherished by many Memphians. The three-day...

Youth in Government, an annual state-wide event enabling high school students to get involved in civics, was held in the Tennessee state capitol. The event was held in Nashville on March 30 to April 2 in 2023.
Robots take over YIG
Lily Mirza, Reporter • May 2, 2023

It was like something from science fiction. St. Mary’s delegates who attended the 2023 Youth in Government (YIG) conference saw ChatGTP...

Reflections on Ramadan
Reflections on Ramadan
Eshaal Hassan, Editor • April 21, 2023

It is the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims, and it is time to hear our Muslim students reflect on Ramadan! Here is what they...

Students gather in the dining hall along with Environmental Club President Naisha Guar (right) for a bake sale fundraiser. Gaur organized this event to raise money to have compostable plates at lunch for two weeks.
Out with Styrofoam!
Eve Pai, Reporter • April 13, 2023

According to Ms. Courtney Gillespie, the Environmental Club sponsor, the Upper School dining hall uses 700 styrofoam plates a day, or 126,000...

The Red Cross Club will hold its first event on April 21st during ALAPP at 10:15 in the Morrow Room.
New Red Cross Club aims to bring awareness to health
Eshaal Hassan, Editor • April 8, 2023

There have been many new clubs created this year, but there is one that students may not have heard of yet: the Red Cross Club.  This is...

Students in the junior commons use their backpacks as a mobile locker.
Off the hook
Callie Wittmann, Reporter • March 8, 2023

Walking down the hallway at the beginning of the school year, a person would see rows of backpacks hung onto hooks in the connector area from...

Sarah Moon and other members of the All-West program perform at the end of the conference at the Cannon Center.
All-West brings together young musicians for a life-changing experience
Kim Huang, Reporter • March 7, 2023

Every year, the West Tennessee Band and Orchestra Association (WTSBOA) organizes the All-West Clinic and Convention, a prestigious two-to-three-day...

The pandas at the Memphis Zoo, Ya Ya and Le Le, were scheduled to leave Memphis this year and return to China.
Conservation or Captivity?
Lily Mirza, Reporter • March 7, 2023

This article has been updated to reflect the recent autopsy report.    On Feb. 3, the Memphis Zoo announced that Le Le, a 24-four-year-old...

Back in my day
Back in my day
Sabine Wood, Reporter • February 27, 2023

Several freshmen are taking AP Human Geography as they enter upper school.
Freshmen reflect on taking their first AP class
Molly Kirshbaum, Reporter • February 24, 2023

Is freshman year too soon to be worrying about college? Some members of the class of 2026 definitely do not think so. As some freshmen begin...

Launched in November of 2022, ChatGPT has grown in fame and infamy. Academia is reconsidering use of technology, while also exploring the possibilities artificial technology holds.
A tool to teach or an app to avoid?
Kate Wolfkill, Editor • February 7, 2023
Students can submit their service hours on Mobile Serve to get credit for volunteering. The goal of the new century award is to encourage students to get to one hundred accumulated hours in a year.
New century award will recognize students who serve the community
Kim Huang, Reporter • February 7, 2023
Calling all juniors and seniors: our teachers went to college, too
Calling all juniors and seniors: our teachers went to college, too
Averie Howell, Reporter • December 5, 2022
Mother Miranda Cully plans chapel in her office. She previously worked at St. Johns Episcopal Church.
Mother Miranda has big hopes for chapel
Brennan Seltzer, Co Editor-in-Chief • November 28, 2022
Using Google Calendar and the Schoology calendar page are two great ways to organize assignments and schoolwork.
Four tips to stay on top of schoolwork
Mary Elizabeth Dyer, Reporter • November 14, 2022
Using tote bags and reducing, reusing and recycling are great, small lifestyle changes to live more sustainably.
Five ways to be more sustainable in high school
Sophie Wallace, Reporter • November 14, 2022
You Snooze, You Lose
You Snooze, You Lose
St. Mary’s girls trade shuteye for excellence
Lily Mirza, Reporter • November 9, 2022
First up, meet Physics teacher Ms. Margo Huber’s dog named Millie! An experienced trickster, Millie once jumped up at the door and locked herself in the bathroom. After searching for Millie for quite some time, Ms. Huber finally located her. Door = busted down.
Meet the teachers' pets of St. Mary’s
Hannah Kerlan, Staff Editor • November 9, 2022
The new mock trial coach Mr. Whet Smith leads the first practice, preparing the team for this season. Veteran Mock Trial seniors Fia Arbelaez and Camille Smith returned, excited to see what their last year holds.
A year of change for Mock Trial
Blaney Rowe, Reporter • November 9, 2022

The St. Mary’s Mock Trial team welcomes a new coach to the team this year, Mr. Whet Smith – a Mock Trial Nationals winner, who is ready to...

Seniors gather in front of the school on their last first day.
Class of 2023 senior year time capsule
Cam Hart, Editor-in-Chief • October 31, 2022

Ella Curlin, Editor • October 31, 2022

When you walk out of the dining hall at the end of lunch, you might notice the four trash cans are already overflowing with single-use dinnerware,...

Students gather in front of the Eiffel Tower for the first abroad trip since before the pandemic.
France trip launches revival of Global Education Program
Averie Howell, Reporter • October 31, 2022

Senior and French student Ellie Monaghan went on the first international trip with St. Mary’s since 2019 before COVID-19 – and she loved...

To eat or not to eat?
To eat or not to eat?
Molly Kirshbaum, Reporter • October 17, 2022

General Tso's Chicken and Rice Emma Thompson (9): “Definitely a 10/10. I would eat this every single day, every single meal.” Kat...

Lynn Hitchings Albano (77) speaks in honor of her grandmother, Gilmore Lynn.
New Founder’s Day tradition celebrates the St. Mary’s legacy
Kim Huang, Reporter • September 28, 2022

Students may have noticed the newest addition in the library: a mannequin decked out in the school uniform from 1961. She’s here to celebrate...

The new tool section of the Makerspace has everything from pliers to wire. The room was filled with jump ropes and medicine balls during the construction, but it’s back to being used as a Makerspace.
Makerspace reborn
Kate Wolfkill, Editor • September 28, 2022

From the physical education classroom to Model UN meeting space, the Upper School Makerspace has held many roles over the last four years –...

When walking from the Windland Smith Rice building to Buckman, you will pass a wall full of Tatler papers from years ago. But you may not know the full story behind the many copies of the St. Mary’s newspaper.
Tatler through the centuries
Lea Thomas, Reporter • September 23, 2022

Two homecomings, one night
Two homecomings, one night
Eve Pai, Reporter • September 19, 2022

Every year, both Memphis University School and Christian Brothers High School have a homecoming dance on the 24th of September. Students from...

Though prom isnt happening for another seven months, the junior class leadership team has begun fundraising so they can make it the best prom yet.
2023 prom will not happen without you
Wallis Rogin, Co Editor-in-Chief • September 13, 2022

Though the school year has just started, it is already time to think about the year’s most anticipated event: prom.  Raising enough funds...

Freshmen mingle at Victory Ranch late at night. The retreat lasted from Aug. 17-19, giving the freshmen time to get to know each other before classes started.
Freshmen branch out at retreat
Molly Kirshbaum, Reporter • September 11, 2022

When Mia Soefker (12) came to St. Mary’s as a freshman, the majority of her first interactions with her grade occurred at the freshman Victory...

With a new learning management system, students are figuring out how Schoology works, after saying goodbye to Powerschool.
Redirect notice
Lily Mirza, Reporter • September 10, 2022

St. Mary’s is kicking off the school year with a brand-new online learning management system (LMS): Schoology. Before Schoology, St. Mary’s...

Senate Bill 1257 bans most abortions in Tennessee and is put in place on Aug. 25, 2022.
Trigger law bans almost all abortions in Tennessee
Hana Barber, Reporter • August 29, 2022

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – On Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022, the trigger law for a complete abortion ban went into effect in Tennessee, prohibiting abortions...

Dusting off the old and bringing in the new
Dusting off the old and bringing in the new
Brennan Seltzer, Co Editor-in-Chief • August 26, 2022

The soccer players run up and down the field as the sun beats down on the turf. Meanwhile, cross country girls’ sweat drips onto the red track...

Freshmen pose after a successful game of laser tag.  Unlike the senior kickball team pictured earlier, freshmen from both laser tag teams were able to unite for a picture after a competitive game.
Freshman and seniors do first week of school Victory Ranch style
Hannah Kerlan, Staff Editor • August 26, 2022

For both the class of 2023 and the class of 2026, the first week of school didn’t actually entail much “school” in the traditional sense. ...