Two homecomings, one night


Eve Pai, Reporter

Every year, both Memphis University School and Christian Brothers High School have a homecoming dance on the 24th of September. Students from other schools can be invited by the boys but are faced with a choice: MUS or CBHS? Be sure to answer the poll at the bottom of the page. 

This is what some students said.



Cate Ciaramitaro (9)

“Someone from my old school invited me, so I said yes.”







Meagan Miller (9)

“MUS because I was asked by someone who goes to MUS and I kind of knew him before and so we’re going as friends.”






Krithika Vaidyanathan (9)

“I’m not going because I’m busy on those days and just didn’t want to go.”








Parker Hedges (10)

“I’d pick a live band over a DJ any day and the atmosphere at MUS is just so much better and lively. I do wish they were on different nights because then I’d be able to see all my friends.”





Langston Scrugham (10)

“Last year I went to CBHS, and it was really fun. It had a smoke machine, good music. Everyone was really hype there.”





Amalia Shapiro (10)

“I like MUS better because I know the people there better.”







Sarah Blen (11)

“I’m going to MUS because my friends are going to MUS.”





Josie Block (11)

I’m going to the Christian Brother’s. I like that one better because my boyfriend goes to Christian Brothers and I’m going with him.”




Eliza Herman (11)

MUS, because more of my friends go to MUS.” 






Ava Jalenak (12)

“Yes, because I think that MUS has a better environment than CBHS.”





Ellie Monaghan (12)

“I’m going to MUS homecoming. Honestly, I feel like CBHS people are nicer, but I’m going to MUS.”





Anna Douglas Piper (12)

“I’m going to MUS. Those are just the games I usually go to, so I guess I have more friends there.”






This poll has ended.

Which dance did you go to?


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