2023 prom will not happen without you


Ellis Rougeou

Though prom isn’t happening for another seven months, the junior class leadership team has begun fundraising so they can make it the best prom yet.

Wallis Rogin, Co Editor-in-Chief

Though the school year has just started, it is already time to think about the year’s most anticipated event: prom. 

Raising enough funds for this event is crucial for its success, and the junior leadership team is working to achieve this. 

Starting in late August and running until Sept. 16, the junior fundraiser is an opportunity to purchase wrapping paper, home goods and desserts. Through the Charleston Wrap company, students can register and purchase holiday gift items for their friends and family. The program also offers a way to promote participation by encouraging students to share the fundraiser with 10 people. 

The junior class co-president Zoe McMullen (11) emphasized the importance of the Charleston Wrap fundraiser.

“We really want to make prom as fun and memorable as possible for everyone,” McMullen said.  “In order to do that, we need money to afford all of it.”

There is a sense of urgency to raise as much money as possible since the class of 2024 did not get to have a freshman car wash, a major money maker for the class, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The junior leadership team is looking to have maximum participation from the entire upper school. The junior sponsor Ms. Rose Dunlap is encouraging everyone to get involved. 

“Support the juniors, support the high school, and support the fun event that we throw in the spring,” Dunlap said. 

In order to raise as much as possible, they are adjusting their plan to accommodate everyone. Not only are they selling a variety of items, but they are also making it based online to make the process smoother and more accessible.

“Since everything is able to be ordered online, we are hoping that students will share it with literally everybody they know,” Dunlap said. 

As always, there are some incentives to participate in the fundraiser. 

“Getting involved with the fundraiser gives every student the possibility to win some really cool rewards such as gift cards, merch, etc,” McMullen said.

While there are some big shoes to fill since last year’s prom was a huge success, this year’s juniors can learn from what made the fundraisers last year so profitable. 

Former junior class president Mia Soefker (12) advised focusing on spreading the word about the fundraiser. 

“A lot of leadership was involved,” she said, “and a lot of the juniors texted everyone in their contacts to cause a chain reaction.”

To donate or buy from the Charleston Wrap fundraiser, make sure to register online and share the link if you want to support the junior class.