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Callie Wittmann

Callie Wittmann, Reporter

Callie Wittmann is a senior and a first year reporter on Tatler. She is the president of the Dungeons and Dragons Club as well as the Knitting Club, and her glasses make up 98% of her personality. If given enough time, she will overanalyze everything. She also loves all things with a cinnamon flavor. When she is not being a boss president she can be spotted in the next school play and musical. She loves spending time outside, usually reading an obscure novel, and she is always rummaging through books, shows, movies, and now journalism to learn new things. Tatler is excited to see what Callie does this year!

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From volunteering backstage, auditioning, or just visiting, the theater community  welcomes everyone.

Props for Theater!

September 28, 2022
“ELVIS” movie has grossed over $280 million. But just because the sales were good does not mean the movie was entirely accurate.


September 12, 2022
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