Meet the teachers’ pets of St. Mary’s

Hannah Kerlan, Staff Editor

It’s time. The teachers’ pets at this school must be revealed. 

No, actually.


First up, meet Physics teacher Ms. Margo Huber’s dog named Millie! An experienced trickster, Millie once jumped up at the door and locked herself in the bathroom. After searching for Millie for quite some time, Ms. Huber finally located her. Door = busted down.


Meet college counselor teacher Ms. Mason Brown’s cat named Poe! (Yes, like the Edgar Allan) A neighborhood bandit, Poe once escaped the house and beat up the cat two doors down. Reflecting, “the audacity,” Brown said, “to beat them up in their own domain.”


A fan favorite for those who witnessed the adoption in Coach Casey’s office last year, meet AP World History and Director of Student Life Coach Holly Hensarling’s cat named Puppy! A dream come true (quite literally), Puppy.


Last, but certainly not least, meet math teacher Mr. Mason Soun’s piano Martha! (Soun said that Martha did not like to be photographed.) A staple of his life for the last 25 years, Martha the Piano has been with him through it all. “She’s always there for me, but I’m not always there for her,” Soun said. “She never judges when I play badly.”





A previous version of this story incorrectly identified Poe as Dr. Brandy Brown’s cat. Poe belongs to Ms. Mason Brown.