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Lily Mirza

Lily Mirza, Reporter

First year reporter and sophomore, Lily Mirza, is one of the most hardworking people you will meet. Whether slaying it in the shooting range for the school trap team or playing with her adorable dog Kaya, she is doing it with style. On any given Monday morning, you will find Lily ordering a tall black coffee at Starbucks before heading off to school and dominating in her classes. On Tuesday, you might find her jamming out to Taylor Swift songs, specifically "Gorgeous" from her "Reputation" album. Wednesdays are for watching a SciFi movie like her favorite, "The Matrix." Then, on Thursday, Lily will be digging into a new historical fiction novel or re-reading "Harry Potter" for the fourth time. Finally, Fridays are when she writes a killer article for Tatler. Clearly, Lily is a very ambitious girl and even aspires to become a doctor when she is older. On a smaller scale, Lily is excited to write amazing pieces, improve her skills, and share her ideas with the school.

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With a new learning management system, students are figuring out how Schoology works, after saying goodbye to Powerschool.

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September 10, 2022
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