Freshmen reflect on taking their first AP class

Molly Kirshbaum, Reporter

Is freshman year too soon to be worrying about college? Some members of the class of 2026 definitely do not think so.

As some freshmen begin their first AP class, AP Human Geography, the stress of college and the idea of taking more challenging courses is starting to sink in. Some of these freshmen are intimidated by their first AP class, while others are looking forward to the challenge. 

This is what some freshmen said.


“It’s confusing, but I think it will help me in future classes because I’ll learn how to analyze maps and write about them. There’s definitely a learning curve, but I think I’m feeling better than I did last week.”



Emma Thompson (9)


“I took [AP Human Geography] because it will help me prepare for other AP classes in high school. [AP classes] are a good GPA boost, and I like the challenge of a quicker moving class.”



Quinn Ferebee (9)


“I want to be able to pass the class, so I can have extra credits on my resume for college.”




Parker Wells (9)


“Definitely harder than expected, but it looks good [to colleges], so I’m taking it.”




Leighton Visinsky (9)


“I’m scared because I don’t think I’ll be good at it.”




Hafsa Qureshi (9)


“Everyone said that this [class] was easy. I think it’s harder, though, because it’s not online.”




Maggie Taylor (9)


“It’s going pretty well right now. We’re about to have our first test, so I hope I do well!”




Cate Ciaramitaro (9)


“I feel like I’m going to be more prepared in the future for more AP classes that may be potentially more difficult.”




Aleesha Awan (9)


“I feel OK because I like the topic of the class.”




Allan Golden (9)