Four tips to stay on top of schoolwork


Mary Elizabeth Dyer

Using Google Calendar and the Schoology calendar page are two great ways to organize assignments and schoolwork.

Mary Elizabeth Dyer, Reporter

It is time to turn your stress into an organized mess! Although we have all settled into our classes by now, we are not far from the end of the semester, which means EXAMS. 

Keeping ourselves organized keeps us on track and ahead of our school work. This can help us prepare for exam week. Here are some of my favorite tips for staying organized even on the toughest weeks.

  1. Planner 

I am definitely a planner snob. I prefer planners that have both a monthly and weekly spread. This way, I can write major due dates or test dates on the monthly spread and my homework each night on the weekly spread. I also recommend color-coding your planner by class. This helps me to focus on one class at a time.

  1. Google Calendar

There is no need to financially invest in your stress. Because this is a Google app connected to your Gmail account, it is essentially a free planner! My favorite feature is the “task” feature, which allows you to type in an assignment and the time it is due. Once I finish the assignment, I can mark it as complete, and Google Calendar will cross it out. This really helps me to stay on top of my school work, especially during busy weeks. (I also love the incentive of crossing off an assignment). 

  1. Desktop stickies

Stickies is a pretty popular organization app on your Macbook that allows you to put digital sticky notes on your desktop that you can use for quick reminders. The sticky note color, font and font color are completely customizable. I use stickies as an extra reminder of upcoming due dates, tests and quizzes.

  1. Schoology calendar 

This calendar gives you a full month overview of what will be due in each class, including tests and quizzes. I change the colors of the classes on the calendar to match the colors I use in my planner. This makes transferring the information easier.

It can definitely be hard to stay organized during this busy time, but I hope these tips help make your life a little easier. Happy organizing!