To eat or not to eat?

Students review school lunches

Molly Kirshbaum, Reporter

General Tso’s Chicken and Rice

Emma Thompson (9): “Definitely a 10/10. I would eat this every single day, every single meal.”

Kat Rogers (11): “I think it is definitely some of the best food we’ll get all year. This is one of my favorites, for sure.”

Grace Jones (12): “Personally, I wish there was more sauce. I thought that the rice was kind of dry without the sauce on it, but I liked the taste of it.”

Beef Tacos/Pizza

Addie Hook (9): “The beef tacos were really good, but there were no toppings when I got there, so I had to eat them plain.”

Audrey Stifter (9): “To be honest, the tacos were not my favorite meal. They need to stop with the tacos. I think I had one the other day.”

Laurel Lund (11): “I had the crust of a pizza. I bit into the pizza, and it kind of tasted suspicious. I spit it out very quickly and tore off the crust because the crust is always fire.”

Pasta and Sweet Potato Fries

Julia Jabbour (11): “I love, love, loved the sweet potato fries.”

Parker Wells (9): “It was quite scrumptious. I loved the meat sauce with the pasta.”

Evie Fore (10): “I liked [the pasta], but the noodles were weird.”