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Memphis in motion

Changing the narrative of our hometown


One million people, countless hardworking civilians and a close-knit community, but the majority of national news features one thing about Memphis: crime. This paints a negative view of the city to the rest of the country, but even worse, it can shade our own perception of Memphis.

In 2024, new Memphis Mayor Paul Young called on Memphians to collectively add to the story and initiate positive conversations about the city. 

“Our talk, our narrative, our dialogue drives the reality that we’re seeing in our city, so in order for us to turn it around… all of us have to change the way we are perceiving our city,” he said.

In an effort to try to change this story, Tatler is starting a column to highlight the amazing people, businesses and changemakers in our community and to generate positive talk about the city we call home. So, welcome to Memphis in Motion.

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Wallis Rogin
Wallis Rogin, Co Editor-in-Chief
Wallis Rogin is a junior who is excited to be spending her third year on Tatler as co Editor-in-chief. You may know Wallis as a quiet person, but once you get to know her you will find that she is a super fun person to be around. She’s always wanted a pet turtle, and once even had one for 12 hours before it disappeared. She is also a bold person and she shows her boldness by mixing her jewelry metals. She likes peanuts, but dislikes peanut butter and hates wooden utensils even more. She understands that wooden utensils are better for the environment, but just can't get behind them. Because of this, whenever she goes to Ben and Jerry’s, she always gets a cone instead of a cup because the Ben and Jerry’s spoons are wooden. She loves their Phish Food ice cream and would love it even more with a plastic spoon. One final fact about Wallis is that she loves New Girl and is still upset that it was taken off Netflix. 
MC Hitt
MC Hitt, Reporter
After spending her summer binging 13 seasons of “Doctor Who,” MC Hitt is pumped to start her first year on Tatler. Some people say MC can be described as daring since she would be willing to save humanity and fight in a zombie apocalypse, but when she is not saving the world, MC loves to climb on the St. Mary’s climbing team and listen to Olivia Rodrigo on repeat. Ironically, MC has two dogs, but is a cat person at heart and plans to adopt a cat as soon as she gets to college. Though she is just a sophomore, MC knows that she wants to pursue a career in writing and is super excited to get to develop her skills as a writer on Tatler this year. MC plans to express her passion for writing by reporting on local news stories and sharing her opinions on topics that she believes need attention. She couldn’t be more thrilled to do great work for Tatler this year! 

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