“Thor: Love and Thunder” fails Marvel fans


Courtesy of Marvel Studios

“Thor: Love and Thunder” received a 47% rating from Rotton Tomatoes.

Blaney Rowe, Reporter

While Marvel has been known to create some of the best movies ever, like “Avengers: Infinity War” or “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” something went entirely wrong in the making of “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

This movie roams throughout the entire Marvel universe with Thor, Jane Foster, Valkyrie and Korg setting sail to chase the antagonist, Gorr. Gorr, who prayed to the gods to save his daughter from dying, feels like the gods don’t care about him after her death, so he vows to kill them all. Thor and his friends try to get help from other gods to stop Gorr from killing every god and destroying the world.  

While the movie was not entirely atrocious, it was incredibly predictable. The beginning of the movie started off with the Guardians of the Galaxy characters and Thor together. Suddenly, Thor detached from the group, and the Guardians (without any explanation) were never seen again. 

Two major parts of the story that bothered me were Thor’s magical goats and Asgard being a tourist city. Although these goats were slightly important to the movie, I found the concept to be really weird and confusing, as they randomly and loudly scream throughout their scenes, and making Asgard, which is a very important city in Marvel movies, into a tourist attraction felt disrespectful to its history.

Chris Hemsworth once again played the title role. Although he is in fact hot, Thor could not be more annoying in this movie. He was overly attached to Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster and could not accept the fact that he and Jane were no longer together. Overall, the plot of this relationship overshadowed the rest of the movie. 

Thor and his friends visit the gods in a city outside the Marvel realm and it seems random, involving characters that were really weird and unimportant. Personally, I didn’t understand why a connection to the Greek Gods had to be made, but apparently Marvel thought it would be cool – which, in fact, it was not.  

One of the only good characters that wasn’t completely predictable was Gorr, played by Christian Bale, and his plot line – maybe because he was the only one with a real plot.

While die-hard Marvel fans may enjoy the return of another Thor movie, which means the return of both of Chris Hemsworth’s biceps, I found that it lacked any entertainment. The plot line was very predictable (if you could even call it a plot line), and it had a lot of random scenes that just did not really play an important part in the movie. While there were amazing sets, special effects and great portrayals of the characters by the actors, there was absolutely nothing else.

So, “Thor: Love and Thunder” gets an overall rating of 3/10.