St. Mary’s Model United Nations delegation succeeds at the 2021 conference


Gracie Gerhart

Seniors Alexandra Touliatos, Mishi Ali, Emma Hurst, Gracie Gerhart, Maggie Rosenblum, Kristiana Bowling, and Abby Neal set off for their last Model UN conference.

Alexandra Touliatos, Associate Editor of Art and Management

Friday, November 5, through Sunday, November 7, 43 St. Mary’s girls participated in the statewide Model United Nations conference. The St. Mary’s delegation represented a variety of countries, as well as represented members of the Secretariat and General Assembly officers.

For freshman and sophomores, Model UN this year was their first experience at an in-person conference.

2022 General Assembly Vice President, Lily Karnes (10) said, “While I loved virtual MUN, I was super excited and nervous to put myself out there in front of everyone. But with a lot of late night text messages with Anum [Raza (10)] and dedicating my weekends to prep time, the conference went super well, and I’m happy to have brought home some hardware and a title!”

The delegates excelled at the conference, passing multiple resolutions, winning awards, and electing new officers to serve at the 2022 conference.

Dr. Lyon, the Government Club and Model United Nations school sponsor, said, “I think the success at the conference had something to do with the size of the delegation, but also to the key visible role SMS folks had in leadership, the good old fashioned campaigning that our candidates did, and the persistent vocal efforts made by all the delegates in the sessions.”

2021 Current Officers:
Hita Mohan (12) – General Assembly President
Alexandra Touliatos (12) – General Assembly Vice President

2022 Elected Officers:
Lily Karnes (10) – General Assembly Vice President
Anum Raza (10) – General Assembly Vice President

Lily Karnes (10) – Summit Award for Diplomacy
Abby Neal (12) – Outstanding Delegate
Jourdan Russell (9) – Outstanding Delegate
Kate Wolfkill (9) – Outstanding Delegate

Resolutions passed:
Guatemala: Kate Wolfkill (9), Sarah Mae Fields (9), Ashlynn Ostner (9), & Claudia Ribieiro (9)
​A Resolution to Create Women’s Shelters Across Guatemala
Angola: Lily Karnes (10), Isabel Cyriac (10), Alice Lee (10), & Adrianna Meachem (10)
A Resolution to Provide Clean Water to Angola
Dominican Republic: Raina Becker (10) & Mary-Kate Kalodimos (10)
A Resolution to End Child Marriage in the Dominican Republic
Summit Secretariat: Gracie Gerhart (12) & Lily Karnes (12)
A Resolution to Establish a Special Tribunal for Reparation Efforts
Summit Secretariat: Maggie Rosenblum (12)
A Resolution to Provide a UN Standard for Meeting Basic Human Rights in Refugee Camps