Ukraine is still at war


Tracy Zhang

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched an invasion on Ukraine. In the almost nine months since, the world has focused on and has forgotten about the war in Ukraine.

Lillian Nazarova, Reporter

February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. For a few weeks the news cycle was dominated by the invasion; companies added Ukrainian flags to their logos, people reposted articles and everyone stayed anxious for updates. TikTok and news outlets shone a spotlight on the cities being bombed in Ukraine and the refugees fleeing to the borders. For those weeks, it was hard to hear about anything but the war.

Media surged after the panic of Russia invading Ukraine and officially going to war. 

But then Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Kim and Pete started dating. 

Everyone stopped talking about the war raging across the sea because…. It’s across the sea. 

But the war didn’t stop because we stopped paying attention.

Ukraine has been drafting untrained men for their army since almost the beginning of the war. Before the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian army was made up of about 280,000 soldiers. According to NPR news, men could defer from the draft. Now, there is a travel ban on all potential draftees, and almost half of the current army was drafted. 

These men are untrained and unprepared. My mother’s friend, a young man she knows as more of a nephew, was sent with zero battle experience and just a shotgun to haul dead bodies. 

Those untrained soldiers have kept up the fight for seven months. So long, that according to The Economist even Russia, a military powerhouse, began drafting citizens in September. It’s estimated that many Russian men have fled for the border to avoid being drafted.

My own second cousin, who is very close to my mom, is probably being shipped out to Ukraine as I am typing this.

While it is extremely impressive Ukraine has kept up the fight for so long, that’s because of the UN’s involvement (against Putin’s warning). Alone, Ukraine does not have the strength to beat Russia. With all the aid Ukraine is receiving, Russia is still “winning.” 

The NY Times reports in an angry anti-American rant on October 6, 2022, Putin threatens nuclear Armageddon against the world. 

Ukrainians are fighting for their lives, Russians who don’t believe in this cause are being forced to fight. We owe them the attention we give much less real things. We owe ourselves to pay attention before our world turns nuclear.