Seeing the good in Alix Earle


Chloie Madden (11) watches one of Alix Earle’s “get ready with me” Tik Tok’s.

Molly Kirshbaum, Reporter

In the past few months, the internet has been taken over by new TikTok star Alix Earle, a 22-year-old from New Jersey who is currently a senior at the University of Miami. Earle is a captivating influencer who takes on a “college best friend” persona. 

I believe Earle can be viewed as a good role model for teenage girls, but some content that she shares may influence girls in a negative way. Earle is constantly talking about going out, partying and drinking in her videos, things that should probably not be broadcast and encouraged on the internet, especially for a younger audience. However, I believe that she can still be viewed in a positive light. 

Her appeal mainly comes from the way that she interacts with her viewers. As she shares new information about her life and discusses her plans for the day, her videos seem almost like a FaceTime call.

However, her videos are not just entertaining, they have changed the dynamic of TikTok. My ForYou page now consists of so many teenage girls sharing their own videos that mirror the ones that Earle posts. 

Her addictive “get ready with me” videos launched her TikTok career, and Earle has mentioned in some of her videos that she wants to do something impactful and important with the platform she has, and I look forward to seeing her follow through with this.

Even though she has experienced an increased amount of popularity along with big opportunities, such as going to the Grammys and makeup brand Tarte Cosmetics’ influencer trip to Dubai, her videos still feel relatable, and she does not act as if she is above the average person because of her fame. 

Above all else, Earle can be described as real. She is very open and comfortable with creating a relationship with her viewers.

For example, she made a video discussing how she did not get into the sorority that she wanted, but most of her friends and roommates did. In sharing such a vulnerable moment with her viewers, Earle is normalizing failure, something that is not often found on social media. She is also bonding with viewers that might empathize with her. 

Also, when Earle was seen in public with her ex, a few weeks after their rough breakup, Earle was completely honest about the whole situation. 

“Yes, I did see my ex-boyfriend yesterday. We had lunch,” said Earle in one of her videos, “I know I didn’t do a very good job of saying this, but we actually ended on very good terms, so we were just catching up.”

While many influencers try to cover up certain aspects of their lives to prevent drama or hate, Earle has shown her followers that she is an open book.

With her influence, she can become a role model for so many young women and continue to promote vulnerability in addition to many other healthy traits.  

I do believe that Earle brings a lot of good to the internet, but I also recognize the negative effects of her videos and the strong influence she has on her followers.

In one TikTok video, Earle shared everything that she ate that day and did not include lunch, which could have some negative effects. This was probably unintentional, but Earle definitely needs to be aware of the messages she sends on the internet and also how impactful her actions are.

Overall, I think that Alix Earle has been a great addition to TikTok and social media altogether. Earle sets herself apart from other TikTokers and influencers because she is relatable, entertaining and trustworthy. Earle also has not let her newfound popularity cause arrogance, and she still strives to spread good vibes and positivity. 

As an avid Alix Earle-watcher myself, I hope that her “get ready with me” videos are not going away any time soon.