Will Smith’s smack wins Best Drama award at the Oscars

Maggie Akers, Staff Editor

The 2022 Oscars has everyone talking, but not about the awards. The star of the show was not Kristen Stewart in “Spencer,” but instead Will Smith’s swing at Chris Rock.

The altercation began when Chris Rock made a joke relating Demi Moore’s buzzcut in G.I. Jane to Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who in the past year has shaved her head in response to the hair loss that comes along with her recently diagnosed alopecia..

Smith, initially laughing, did not confront Rock until after noticing his wife’s unamused face. He then walked up onto the stage and slapped Rock in the face. Smith then sat back in his seat and yelled profanity to Rock, saying, “Keep my wife’s name out of your…mouth.”

Rock attempted to make jokes after to lighten the mood, but the situation still remained awkward, and instead of fighting back, pressing charges, or causing even more of a scene, moved the ceremony onto the next award.

Shortly after, Smith won the “Best Actor” award for the movie “King Richard.” When accepting the award, he began to cry explaining how he hoped the Academy would accept him again. This was not an apology as there was no reference in his speech directed to this situation directly.

The Smith-Rock altercation has quickly become a pop culture phenomenon, as a joke at Smith’s expense was even added into Hutchison’s theatrical rendition of “Addams Family” this past Monday night, in which Uncle Fester Addams, played by MUS’s Cristian Arocho (11), reenacted the swing while saying, “Keep Morticia’s name out of your mouth.”