Unapologetic recommendation: The Kardashians

Anna Smith, Reporter

The Kardashians have been on their hit reality TV show for as long as I can remember, from 2007 (when I was 2) to 2021. 

And now, we can all keep up with the family on their new Hulu show, “The Kardashians.” 

While the original show built a large fan base, it is also controversial: people either love it or hate it. 

I love it.

Once a week, I curl up on the couch snuggling with my puppy, and I watch 45 minutes of Kim, Khloe, Kris, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie living their lives. I watch as they fly on private jets to their various houses, photo shoots and jobs (if that is what you want to call what they do).

And I love every minute. 

However, I often find myself asking, why do I enjoy this? The Kardashians are very out of touch with reality. But, there is something entertaining about watching billionaires live their constantly amusing lives and worry about which outfit to wear or what new car to buy. It helps me escape from my more “worldly” worries. 

Through watching the Kardashians, I have also learned something oddly comforting. Certain aspects of the human experience are universal. No amount of money can buy you out of heartbreak, the loss of a loved one or worries over health. It can certainly help, but we as a society often believe that if we had as much money as people like the Kardasians, we would be saved from all the other heartbreaks the world has to offer. They have shown me that is simply untrue. 

Not only do I find comfort in the reminder of the universal human experience, but I also find comfort in the value the Kardasians have for their family. Throughout all the things that happen in their lives, they stick together. That is quite admirable.  

If you watch the Kardashians, and you feel that you are wasting an hour of your life, remember it is alright. Humans are humans, and humans find comfort in anything that they can. For me, that might just be watching Kim and Kourtney arguing over a missing earring.