Adele’s new hit “Easy on Me” has a major significance to her and her divorce


Allie Burkhart

Students consider the meaning behind Adele’s new single.

Holden Taylor, Social Media Manager

Adele’s new single, “Easy on Me,” is a track from her fourth studio album, “30,” which will be released later this year. Columbia Records released the song as the album’s debut single on October 15th, marking the singer’s first release in five years.

Lila Johnston (9) said, “Adele’s new song brings me back to the old days, and makes me miss the early 2000s. It’s also very catchy and I really vibe with it.”

The song is Adele explaining her decision to walk away from her marriage in 2019. In it, she asks her son and ex-husband for understanding with elements of nostalgia, regret, and forgiveness. Adele addresses the chorus, “go easy on me”, to herself as much as her family – and she accepts it’s too soon for them to see her point of view.

Adele’s music holds a variety of subjects, and heartbreak, unsurprisingly, is among them. Given her worldwide fame for her heart-wrenching, personal songs, six years have definitely offered abundant material for a successful representation of this topic.

Marlee Bostick (9) said, “I can really feel her frustration in the song. She never makes music, but when she does, it always has a strong message. I think this song has a lot of meaning to her because of everything that she is going through with her divorce.”

While some fans may have been hoping to hear a lighter side of Adele after three albums of sorrowful songs, an early preview of the first single “Easy on Me” hinted that more sad tracks were on the way. In the recent “73* Questions With Adele” Vogue interview, the British pop star hesitated to call “30” a divorce album, but she did remark it was considerably more personal than her prior work.