Mr. Mason Soun – Princeton University

What made you choose Princeton?

It’s a decent school. I didn’t get into many schools, so that was one of the options. Princeton gave me the most money. My big sister had also gone to Princeton.

What was your most valuable experience there? 

I discovered that the world is beautiful and you’re supposed to seek out truth, beauty and knowledge, but sometimes it’s hard, like in the classes there, especially the math department. It’s a good school. High-stress academic environment.

What opportunities did you get there?

I didn’t really take advantage of the opportunities, to be honest. I didn’t join enough clubs. I didn’t work hard enough in my classes, but the classes I took [were] great classes. The math classes were beautiful: what you learned in the math classes [was beautiful], but also they tell you about the world, too.

Are you still involved at all?

I went back when my little sister was there, but I haven’t gone in a while. It’s a far trip, but I like the place. It’s a very nice campus, and it’s a bubble, so it’s pretty isolated.

Advice to seniors?

The most important skill in college is [learning] how to learn independently. If you can’t do that, then know how to seek help.

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