Mrs. Amy Poag – Davidson College

What made you choose Davidson?

I applied Early Decision. Part of it really was the size. Back in my day, we really didn’t tour as many colleges as y’all do now … So I’d never heard of Davidson, but my dad had a cousin … in Virginia, and she just threw out some ideas to my dad … so we looked at Davidson and [University of] Georgia in the same weekend, and Georgia was absolutely gigantic and that scared me. I knew I couldn’t go to a school that big. So, I went and visited [Davidson] one other time. It happened to be the NCAA Final Four for soccer, and, at that time, we had the nation’s best soccer player at Davidson, and … it was the most exciting sporting event I had ever been to in my whole life. And I was like, I want to … be a part of this place, and it just seemed right, and the people just seemed right.

What was your most valuable experience there? 

I went to India for my fall semester in junior year, and that was awesome and that was incredibly important to me. One thing I did like about Davidson [was that]… they have a really strong emphasis on international study. They make it really easy for you to study abroad, and when I told my parents I wanted to go to India, they thought I was crazy. However, they couldn’t really do anything. It was part of the Davidson tuition … and having that opportunity was incredible. 

What opportunities did you get there?

Being around such brilliant professors … was really, really meaningful to me. To be around people who were just smart and to be able to have access to them because the teacher-student ratio is so small. 

Are you still involved at all?

There’s a group of us who are still really, really, really close. We call ourselves “The Tangled Web.” Many of us were English majors, and it’s a Shakespeare reference. My Davidson girls are my people, and I think they’re the smartest people on the planet. We go back for all our reunions, and, I guess I’d say I’m a Steph Curry fan, but I’m more of a Grizzlies fan. I am really really proud of my Davidson heritage. I have a [Davidson] rocking chair [in my office]. I keep it as part of my life for sure.

Advice to seniors?

At Davidson, the way you do home-rooming for sophomore year is you pair up with one person, and you can cluster with someone else. Well, [my friends and I] fell through the lottery. … So we left our freshman year having zero rooming. We knew that the four of us would be together somewhere, but we had no guarantee of a dorm room. … We felt sad at the time because there was this fun place to stay for sophomores, and that was a real bummer because we thought we were going to miss out on being with all the fun people, and we were going to be stuck in some random dorm on the other side of campus. Well, we did. … Here’s what happened: first of all, the rooms were bigger and better and closer to the classrooms, so the walk was a lot shorter in the mornings. And two, the hall was filled with other sophomores who also fell through, and it was the best mix of people, and now all of us are best friends. [The] moral of the story is: I think just trust [that] sometimes the things that don’t work out or you think aren’t working out, actually work out a whole lot better.

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