Aleesha Awan

Aleesha Awan

What is your favorite part of Ramadan?

Taraweh, because I just get to be with my friends and pray. 

Do you get hungry, especially when others eat around you?

I get hungry, like, about halfway through the day, like, usually when it’s like, around lunch, but watching people eat isn’t that bad, but sometimes looking at water makes me so thirsty.

What is the hardest part of fasting at school?

Probably, like, having to talk all day. It makes me thirsty and makes my mouth dry

How do you keep up with schoolwork and extracurriculars?

I drop track during Ramadan.

I go home and I just sleep till iftar [when the fast ends], and then I wake up and then I just pray and I want to go back to sleep.

What is one thing that would make school during Ramadan easier?

Honestly, school isn’t that bad. It’s just homework. And then after I’m done eating, I just want to go back to sleep. Or like, you just feel so full.

What is one thing you wish others were aware of about Ramadan?

 Sometimes people will be eating around me and they’re like, oh, sorry. And they’ll try to hide the food, and I’m like, it’s not that deep. You can eat.


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