Yusra Siddiq

Yusra Siddiq

What is your favorite part of Ramadan?

My favorite part is definitely Taraweh [night prayers at the mosque] and kind of just being able to go to the masjid [mosque] and pray in the way that I do and being able to see my friends do it with me and things like that. Because it’s easier knowing that there are people around you who are doing the same thing. It’s just like a communal understanding.

Do you get hungry, especially when others eat around you?

I don’t think it affects me that much just because I know why I’m fasting, so other people eating doesn’t affect me. And I know that I’m going to have a really good meal at dinner.

What is the hardest part of fasting at school?

I would say the hardest part is just keeping up with schoolwork and also doing religious things out of school because there sometimes isn’t enough time for both. 

How do you balance school/ extracurriculars and Ramadan?

I drop whatever sport I’m doing because usually that sport takes two hours after school and that makes me only have like one hour to do my homework, which isn’t enough time.

And usually, I try to get all my work done at school so that when I go home, I have time to eat dinner and pray towards the night time.

How do you keep up with schoolwork?

I just drop whatever religious thing I’m doing instead to study or something like that, which is kind of annoying, but I mean, it has to be done. My grades just fluctuate because in some classes that are already hard for me, it’ll get harder, and then for other classes, my focus comes [or] sometimes waivers. 

What is one thing you wish others were aware of about Ramadan?

I just wish others knew the real meaning of Ramadan. I feel like if some people go out of their way to understand, which I think is kind, and then other people just pretend they understand. So I think [I want] people [to] actually want to learn and understand what Ramadan is and be empathetic of that, just like we are for their holidays.

What is one thing that would make school during Ramadan easier?

I think it’s if teachers communicated a little more because I don’t ask for extensions because I don’t think I’m really going to get them. I just wish they would communicate and let me know that whatever I need is available to me. 

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