Teachers in the wild: What do teachers do in their free time?

Molly Kirshbaum, Reporter

Teachers spend most of their time teaching, but do they actually have lives outside the walls of the school? Do they actually spend time with friends or only with papers and pens? What are they like in their natural habitat? 

I found out for you!

Ms. Sarah Kerst

Ms. Sarah Kerst’s sister visited and they spent their weekend enjoying all the events Memphis had to offer.

“This weekend, my sister is in town,” said Ms. Sarah Kerst, an Upper School Spanish teacher. “I want to go to Cooper Young and the soccer game, 901 FC.”

Kerst likes to detach herself from school on the weekends and enjoy herself.

“I try not to do a lot of school work outside of school, unless it’s grading,” said Kerst.

Jeff McCalla

Mr. Jeff McCalla spends his weekend tutoring for the SAT.

Mr. Jeff McCalla, an Upper School math teacher, is the complete opposite of Kerst: The start of the weekend does not stop him from teaching math.

“From about 8:30 a.m. until about 9 at night, I tutored all day [last] Saturday,” said McCalla.

Dr. Anna Bess Sorin

Dr. Anna Bess Sorin eats pizza at dinner with her husband.

Although doing math all day is hard to top, Dr. Anna Bess Sorin, an Upper School science teacher, has weekends that are a little more exciting than McCalla’s.

“I went out to dinner with my husband. I watched the Memphis football game on television with friends,” said Sorin. “I went on a walk through the neighborhood and Overton Park with a friend, and I did laundry and normal weekend chores.”

After school days, Sorin does “basic stuff”.

“[I] let the dogs out, sometimes start prepping for dinner, check the chickens to see if anyone laid eggs, and get the mail,” said Sorin.

Dr. Brandy Brown

Dr. Brandy Brown attends the 901 FC game with her friend. Memphis 901 won three to zero against Detroit City.

Dr. Brandy Brown, an Upper School French teacher, also keeps it pretty simple after school.

“Normally after school I like to go to the gym and exercise,” said Brown, “and sometimes I hang out with friends.”

With very similar plans as Kerst, Brown has a great weekend coming up.

“This weekend, I am having dinner with a friend,” said Brown, “and then I am going to a 901 FC match.”